When it comes to décor, many of us think we have to spend a lot of money. However, we can decorate on a budget. There are several things you can do when working on your patio décor on a budget. Below, you will find several patio decorating ideas to help beautify your patio this season.

Use of Potted plants and Herb Gardens:

Outdoor Potted Garden Ideas

If you are a plant lover than potted plants and herb gardens is a great way to bring some beauty into your patio décor. For those who have smaller patios, it may be a good idea to use old large planters. This will get you some use out of them and may be out of the garage.

Using herb gardens as a focal point of your décor can not only save you money on decorating costs while also allowing you to also pick and enjoy the herbs throughout the year.

Wooded Furniture:

Woods are great material for patio furniture. If you plan to use it all season be sure the furniture is covered. The wood should be treated to be water resistant. if you plan to change the colors of the furniture getting about a quart or two of paint which should be enough to get the job done.

Use of Trellises:

When it comes to decorating on a smaller patio, it doesn’t leave much space for decorating outward, there is always vertically to get the job done. Use of trellises to get to those higher areas can lift your décor. Trellises come in all sizes and varieties making it an excellent choice on a budget.

Patio Trellises Ideas

Check out the graph below and see some ideas for your next season:

Themes & Colors

Pastel colors & Flower choices – Tulips, lilacs, Apple bottoms, Bluebells, Lilium



Beach theme – Sandboxes, birdbaths, waterfalls



Seasonal themes – Halloween & Thanksgiving



Seasonal themes – Christmas themes


In Conclusion:

Decorating on a budget can still bring great ideas to the forefront. Your patio should be a reflection of your family. The outdoor space that is being created is for all of the family to enjoy. Working on it together to get it done is a great way to spend time together and save money.

Choosing a theme or simply decorating it seasonally will give you something to focus on. When it comes to decorating your patio the direction you go is up to you.

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